Bitdefender GravityZone
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Bitdefender GravityZone

Bitdefender GravityZone

The #1 Unified Security and Risk Analytics Platform
Prevents, detects and responds to all threats that might affect any of your organization’s assets. You get 360 degrees visibility, insights on the risks exposure and the tools to enhance the security posture.
All of these, fully proven!

Full Spectrum Computer Services partners with Bitdefender for advanced cybersecurity, to prevent, detect and respond to all threats to your customers’ devices. Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud security includes the following core features:

  • Antimalware – Based on signature scanning and heuristic analysis (B-HAVE , ATC).
  • Advanced Threat Control – This works as a malware/network attack defense.
  • Advanced Anti Exploit – Catches the latest exploits in real time and mitigates memory corruption vulnerabilities that can evade other security solutions.
  • Risk Management – Helps to identify and remediate a large number of network and operating system risks on the endpoint level.
  • Firewall – Helps to protect endpoints from inbound and outbound unauthorized connections attempts.
  • Network Protection (with Content Control and Network Attack Defense) – Focused on detecting network attacks designed to gain access to endpoints through specific attacks i..e brute force, network exploits etc.
  • Device Control – Helps by preventing sensitive data leakage and malware infections via external devices attached to endpoints such as USB flash drives, Bluetooth devices, CD/DVD etc.
  • Web Filtering – Helps to schedule web access while blocking or allowing certain web categories or URLs.
Bit Defender Cyber Security

Protection Solutions for Your Business

Complete Endpoint Security

Fortify your endpoint security with over 30 security modules, including low overhead Endpoint Detection and Response, risk analytics and endpoint hardening. Get full protection with speed, accuracy, low administrative overhead and minimal performance impact.

Datacenter and Cloud Security

Protect your servers and virtual desktops in any cloud effectively and consistently. Minimize the time spent on managing security from days to hours with automated workflows. Improve infrastructure ROI with up to 55% higher virtualization density. Delight end users with up to 36% faster application performance.

Network Visibility and XDR

Enhances the enterprise cyber defense with network-based security granting visibility into suspicious network behavior. Extends detection and response capabilities (XDR) to protect all the devices in your environment, including those not supporting a security agent (e.g. IOT and BYOD).

MDR and Threat Intelligence

Expand your visibility and attack response with threat intelligence streams or up-level your security outcomes through specialized managed detection and response (MDR) services.

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