Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing is a simple, cost-effective, and totally scalable IT infrastructure.

Access Business Applications

Access Your Email, Files and Websites all in One Place

Easy Remote Work

Access All Your Company Files From Any Place, at Any Time.

Secure Files

You choose who can see certain documents with ease.

Cloud Computing Benefits

No capital expenses

The ability to scale services up or down

No IT staff required

More time to focus on core business objectives

Canada Cloud Computing

Utilizing cloud services is like having your own data center – but without all the hassles. There’s no panicking about rack space, setup, storage, licensing, maintenance, etc. We worry about uptime, not you.

With our cloud management, you get redundant storage sites. Redundant storage means safety for your critical business data from loss and theft due to hackers, unauthorized access and natural disasters.

Increase or decrease your business’ capabilities (and storage capacity) whenever you need without having to make capital investments in new equipment. No more replacing obsolete hardware every few years.

Our team of experienced cloud technology experts are available around the clock to monitor your systems and answer any questions you have. Availability and communication like this ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Get access to high-level cloud computing management features at affordable prices. You will receive server virtualization, data backup and recovery, and remote access to your crucial information in one monthly cloud computing service price.

Cloud computing services uses the power of the internet to allow users to stay connected across devices and work in real-time.

Cloud Features

Secure data storage using advanced technology

Built-in data backup and recovery

A centralized management console

An intuitive web interface with built-in workflows

Auto data and application backups every 15 minute

Hosted private cloud is a subscription or pay-per-use service delivered over the internet. It provides cost savings and increased productivity for your business. By moving some or all of your in-house technology to a cloud infrastructure, you’ll be able to reduce costs, get a better return on your IT investments and work from anywhere in the world.

Let our cloud computing team help you make the transition to the cloud so you can start experiencing the benefits today!

Cloud-hosted servers are more affordable, and they’re more flexible.


What happens if business picks up without warning and your equipment can’t handle it? Go the on-site route and you’ll have to invest a lot of money in your own infrastructure, and then you’ll have to wait for it to be set up, configured tested, and put into production


And then what happens if business slows down soon after you invest in more on-site servers? Until things pick back up, you’ll have just put down a lot of money for something you don’t even need. It’s difficult to both satisfy your budget and strike the right balance between too much capability and not enough.


With hosted servers, you’re tapping into a pool of unlimited resources, and scaling up or down is as easy as clicking a button. You never have to pay for more power than you need, and you don’t have to wait around for something to be delivered and installed if you suddenly see more traffic. Virtual or not our cloud-hosted servers include cloud-managed security services.


Included in this is access to your company’s own private cloud self-service portal in case you would like to do the management yourself or simply want to see what’s going on behind the scenes.

Full Spectrum Computer Services has used Microsoft’s server virtualization technologies (Hyper-V) to help improve the performance and safety of private cloud services for over 10 years, ever since the Microsoft’s virtualization system was released as part of Windows Server 2008.


Right from the start, virtualization offered many important benefits.


With the release of Server 2016, Microsoft has continued to improve its Hyper-V system making it more important than ever to virtualize all your server systems. In our opinion, with rare exceptions, every server should run in a virtualized environment.


If you have Microsoft based servers, you likely already have access to Microsoft’s virtualization technologies.

Canada Cloud Computing

Benefits of a properly configured virtual environment can include:

Better utilization of your server hardware resources

Improved data safety: Enhanced ability to restore servers to different hardware or even a cloud-based resource

Real-time fail-over capabilities for critical system workloads: failover to cloud, failover to spare on-site servers – there are many options.

Full Spectrum Computer Services uses a proven approach to IT projects, such as virtualization upgrades.