Remote IT Support

Expertise in Diverse Business Verticals

Full Spectrum Computer Services’ Remote Monitoring & Management provides comprehensive preventative maintenance services remotely. Our solution is comprised of a desktop/laptop or server agent within the FSCS technology platform with all the intelligence built-in to conduct day to day preventive maintenance services.


Empower your staff by giving them direct access to Remote + On-Site Support. Our Flat-Rate IT support for business resolves the issue of having to wait for approval to increase IT support costs.

Remote Technical Support is the most favourable tool used by every IT technician around. It is the fastest and easiest way of accessing workstations of many different costumes located in different parts of the Durham Region.


With Remote Support + On-Site Support, we also generate detailed inventory reports and configurations. We are able to track serial numbers, license expiration, warranties, vendor information, detailed service responses, and much more.


The platform comes with a built-in scripting engine and can also be used to deploy software applications remotely and automatically.


Real-time Remote IT Services

Remote support can be divided into remote server administration, remote desktop administration, and remote network support. The main tasks that we can do remotely are:

  • Configure your network device (printers, NAS drives, etc.);
  • Create new domain users and set up a workstation for that users
  • Create backups
  • Run diagnostic and maintenance
  • Remove viruses and annoying spam
  • Software and OS installations, updates, and patches
  • The configuration of many different servers (Exchange, SharePoint, Windows Server)
  • Server migrations
  • Configuring remote access and VPN
  • Solve issues of your workstation or server

Most of our Managed IT services can be done remotely. Since you don’t need to wait for on-site support, you’ll save time and money.

On-Site IT Support

Don’t like the idea of someone you can’t see working on your equipment? No problem. We can also have an IT support technician at your door so you can put a face to Full Spectrum Computer Services.


Contact us for hourly rates or to discuss a flat-rate monthly IT support package customized to suit the needs of your business.

We know business never stops and accommodates days, evenings, weekends, and even overnight upgrades and deployments.

Servers to workstations, printers to telephones, wireless and local networks you want the best IT support specialist to make sure they’re installed and working properly.

In addition to our Remote Support + On-Site Support package, we also install, maintain, and repair all varieties of hardware, networks, and technology.


We also guarantee prompt on-site IT support to...

  • Add new workstations
  • Install servers and firewalls
  • Identify security vulnerabilities
  • Fix Internet connectivity issues
  • Resolve computer network problems
  • Troubleshoot email, password, and software issues

Interruptions affect your productivity and profitability.

Our experienced and certified IT support technician will come to your location—outside normal business hours if preferred—to fix the problem and let you get back to work as quickly as possible.

Remote IT Support FAQ

Remote IT support, also known as ‘online support’, allows Full Spectrum Computer Services to remotely view your computer screen and securely fix most computer and network problems right through the Internet via remote control. In fact, it’s like watching your computer fix itself! This type of IT support works through ‘desktop sharing’ technology. What this means is that when you ‘log in to our secure online support center’, you can allow a technical support representative to ‘view’ and ‘interact’ with your computer remotely via the Web – fixing problems fast.

The average remote IT support session lasts anywhere from 45-65 minutes. However, depending on the type of problems you’re experiencing, a session may be shorter or much longer. In some cases, where the computer problems are severe (read: lots of spyware!), we may recommend a follow up remote session or scheduling an on-site visit by a technician.

Much less than traditional computer support options! By viewing and interacting with your computer directly through the Internet, we can complete the work in much less time, saving you money. 

Absolutely not!  No, not until you log in again and request service. Once your service is complete and you log off, the temporary application and accompanying tools are automatically deleted from your PC. We can no longer see or access your computer.

Yes. When we log in we are initiating a 128-bit encrypted connection between your computer and the technician’s computer. In this way, you have set up a unique one-to-one session that no one else can view or access during the session. That ensures your security and privacy.

In addition, you are in control the whole time. You are always in control of your mouse (cursor). During your session you will see the technician using your cursor to locate and fix problems. At any time, you can over-ride mouse control by simply moving your mouse.

Through our ‘hands-free’, remote computer support service, we can:

  • Locate and remove viruses and install and configure anti-virus software
  • Stop pop-ups, remove adware/spyware and install/configure anti-spyware software

  • Fix email and software problems

  • Fix printer, scanner, digital camera and other peripheral problems

  • Help with mobile devices

  • Speed up your computer and increase performance; PC tune-ups

  • Perform standard maintenance, Windows updates/patches

  • Assist in data back-up processes, transferring data from one PC to another

  • Fix error messages or frozen screens and much more!

Traditional computer support options have been to wait on hold with a PC or software vendor, take your computer to a local repair shop and wait for days for your PC to be repaired (costly) or to wait for a technician to visit your home (also, very costly). Remote computer support allows us to interact directly with your computer so you don’t have to perform often complicated telephone instructions on how to fix your computer yourself. In this way our technicians can identify and resolve problems faster, which costs you less.

Many of us don’t have time to figure out what’s wrong with a PC or network, and would rather have an experienced technician look at their PC. Also, with Full Spectrum Computer Services, there’s no waiting on hold or the need to call multiple vendors for support. So, remote computer support is less expensive, easier to use and much more convenient than traditional computer support or repair services. 

Very! By allowing a remote technician to access your computer through the Internet they are able to fix your computer directly. You can simply sit back and watch. Or, you can work on something else while the technician is fixing your computer. Remote IT support is simple, convenient and, best of all, it’s ‘hands-free’. Simply follow our simple instructions, let go of the mouse and let us fix your PC!

Yes. However, the better you can describe your problems the less time it will take to diagnose your computer and begin fixing problems. In some cases, your problems may be difficult to diagnose or cannot be located. At Full Spectrum Computer Services, we will do everything we can to identify and resolve your computer problems, or at the very least, provide suggestions and next steps on resolving any issues. For computers that are over 4 years old, or running Windows 8 or older, we suggest you consider purchasing a new computer before spending a lot of money attempting to repair an older computer.

Our computer services are guaranteed for five (5) days. If there is a problem with any service we provide, customers must notify us within five days and we will work to remedy any issues quickly and professionally. At Full Spectrum Computer Services, our customer’s satisfaction is very important to us. If a customer is not completely satisfied with the service they received from FSCS, we will work with them to ensure their satisfaction.

Our key components of quality service are:

  • A carefully screened and certified team of remote service engineers.

  • A set of services crafted to meet all the needs of your home, mobile and small office computer environment.

  • A sincere desire to make all our customers happy.

Full Spectrum Computer Services is dedicated to providing you with the best possible computer support service. If you are not completely satisfied with your service, please email us at and we will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Yes. We can send a certified technician to your office. Most service requests can be fulfilled within 24 hours. Just call us at 289-201-5911 or simply contact us via our website.

Yes, our service offerings include support for Apple Mac computers. We support Macs running MacOS 10.5 (Leopard) or greater.  If you have an older Mac system, it may be time for a new one, contact us for pricing.

All of our services are available for PCs that have Windows Vista, Windows 7,8 or 10 and Macs that have Mac OS 10.5 or newer. 

If your PC is older than 5 years, or has Windows 2000 or Windows XP, it is time to think about the purchase of a new computer.