Ransomware Feeds On Poor Security and Practices

If you were ever the victim of a ransomware attack how much would it cost you?   Tighten up your security and educate your employees.

Information is possibly the most valuable part of your business. There’s your client database, accounting software and inventory management, and of course, any intellectual property you may own. When the ransomware, WannaCry, tore through the world recently, many businesses were suddenly forced to re-assess the value of their data: was it worth saving, and what would be the deeper cost of the attack?

Most rNetwork Security Ransomwareansomware attacks cost $150-$600 to get your files released, but that’s only IF the cyber-criminals honor the payment and actually give you the decryption key. Meanwhile, new client calls are still coming in and you may find yourself unable to operate with your systems down. Paying the ransom or restoring from an unaffected backup seems like a quick fix, but it doesn’t end there. There’s still the downtime involved to restore all your data, possibly days and that’s a lot of lost productivity. Plus, if word gets out that your data has been compromised, you may find confidence in your business plummets and your existing clients head elsewhere. That $150 ransom may end up costing well over $150,000!

Improve Network Security to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Keep your systems up to date: WannaCry took advantage of a flaw in older versions of Windows, one that was since patched by Microsoft. But to be protected, businesses had to be up to date with their patches AND be running a supported version of Windows. Delaying patches and updates put your business at risk – we can help you update automatically.

Lockdown employee computers: Very few staff will require full administrator access to your business network. The higher their level of permissions, the more damage a person can do, either accidentally with a whoopsie click, or by inadvertently installing malware. By locking down your employee computers, you have a better chance of containing a malware attack to non-vital systems. Our experts can design an access management plan that gives you the best of both worlds: flexibility PLUS security.

Educate your workplace: Most employees believe they’re being cyber-safe but the reality is quite different. Many malicious links and embedded malware have become hard to spot in an instant – which is all it takes to click and regret. We can work with your staff to establish procedures around checking links for authenticity before clicking, awareness around verifying the source of attachments, and the importance of anti-virus scanning. We’ll help get the message through!

Have a solid backup plan: When ransomware hits, a connected backup = infected backup. Unfortunately, synced options such as Dropbox immediately clone the infected files, rendering them useless. The only safe backups will be the ones both physically and electronically disconnected, with systems designed to protect against attacks like this. Our experts can set you up with a backup system that makes recovery a breeze.

Be proactive: The best way to avoid the financial cost of a ransomware attack is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Remember, many businesses were able to watch WannaCry from the sidelines, completely unaffected and seizing opportunities while their competitors were down.

Our managed IT support services can help protect your business against the next cyber-attack.

Ransomware Security Protection


Ransomware Backup Protection

When ransomware strikes, hackers encrypt an organization’s data, making that data inaccessible. To obtain the encryption key, the victim pays a ransom, often in a hard-to-trace crypto-currency such as Bitcoin.

Security Strategies Have Holes

To defend against ransomware, you can either prevent the attack or contain its impact. Attack prevention often involves training programs for users, advising them to avoid “phishing” attacks such as emails whose senders are posing as trusted sources. Another prevention strategy monitors emails and network activity to detect unusual behavior.

Finally, you can simply isolate critical systems behind additional layers of firewalls and password challenges to limit access. In the long run, these preventive solutions ultimately fail as attack technologies evolve.

3 Ways to Protect Data

  1. Backup target for data protection solution
  2. Enterprise file sync-and-share
  3. File storage for Windows/Mac/Linux clients
Speak to Full Spectrum Computer Services about our hardware and software security solutions.  In addition a bulletproof backup and recovery strategy that will keep ALL your business data safe.

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