Are Managed Services Right For Your Business?

Managed services let businesses outsource their IT operations to a third-party vendor that specializes in managing technology. The benefits of managed services model means IT operations are outsourced to a local IT Specialist, like Full Spectrum Computer Services, who maintains and manages functions like network administration, server management, desktop PC and laptop support, cloud services and virtualization, data recovery, databases, security, storage and much more. It helps small businesses to focus on their business and reduce unexpected costs as well.

While new technologies have empowered organizations, they have also increased the challenges. The rapid pace of changes in IT has made it almost impossible for businesses to rely on old software, old computers and old servers.  The changes we see in technology require full-time monitoring for security and performance.

The boom of mobile devices and cloud services has created the jumble of devices, apps, and platforms, making it challenging for IT departments to manage and secure their resources.

It simply means that organizations need to invest in sophisticated technology and more skilled staff and modern solutions like visualization and cloud services.

What about small businesses?

A small business is likely not able to afford the cost of hiring a permanent employee to look after their IT, purchase new equipment and keep systems up to date and protected.

Enter managed services from Full Spectrum Computer Services.

Here are the Benefits of Managed Services.

Helping You Save Money and Time:

Running a small business is not easy, especially when it comes to day to day IT operations. They need more staff and equipment to stay competitive. And it takes the most of their budget.

Sadly, not all small businesses can afford to spend a huge part of their capital on their IT operations.

This is where the benefits of managed services and support come in.

Opting for a managed IT service provider can help you save money and time. It minimizes the need for hiring staff or making costly hardware purchases. An MSP provider will take care of your IT operations at the fraction of the cost of your IT staff’s salaries.

Just some of the benefits of managed services are helping you maximize profitability and productivity.Benefits of Managed Services

Ensuring Maximum Uptime:

From that palm-sized mouse to those big servers, every single IT device is important in your business operation.  The benefits of managed services from Full Spectrum C omputer Services means every device is monitored, all the time.

If a breakdown happens in your IT ecosystem, it leads to downtime which in turn affects your critical functions and your bottom line. With a managed IT provider, you can focus on your business. An MSP vendor will fix your IT issues and keep your network up and running by employing everything from cloud services to server and desktop virtualization.

Keeping Security Concerns at Bay:

Managed services providers also provide security. For example, we check your network for vulnerabilities and fix it before it can become a big problem. We can also limit access to the application to authorized personals only. Moreover, your devices will be tracked across your organization ensuring security and responsible use.

Cloud Services Tailored to Your Needs:

Right vendors tailor managed IT solutions to your needs, helping you scale up or down your requirements as you grow.  Cloud services and hardware virtualization are key to leveraging your existing hardware and making the best of resources you’ve already invested in.

For example, you can choose the important tools or cloud services which matter the most to your business skipping the extras.

Being Affordable:

Managed services are typically affordable and available according to your budget. They are based on a flat monthly rate customized for you depending on your needs.

Ensuring Data Backup and Recovery:

Data protectionBenefits of Managed Services is important for all businesses, no matter if you are a retail store or an accounting firm.

From your customer info, accounts, employee records and trade secrets, data is one of the most important business assets.

Imagine what would happen if you lose it due to accidental deletion, breakdown, cybercrime or power outage.  Network and data security are paramount in today’s world.

Managed services also come with a comprehensive data back and recovery strategy. Most vendors automatically record your data in the form of server backup.


The benefits of managed services are great for small businesses with little to no IT resources. From cloud services and virtualization, data backup and recovery, PCs and servers, network monitoring, security and systems management to mobile device support, managed IT support takes care of your operations so that you can focus on growing your business.  Make sure to work with the right and experienced managed service provider.  For a free, no-obligation discussion about what Full Spectrum Computer Services’ Managed Services can bring to your company contact us here.