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IT Services & Support for Healthcare and Dental Offices

When you’re so busy serving patients, it can feel impossible to manage an entire IT framework.

The Full Spectrum Computer Services team provides comprehensive dental IT support, medical IT support and all managed IT services for healthcare organizations across Ontario.

Everything from a privacy impact assessment (PIA) to preventative maintenance is handled seamlessly by the professionals at Full Spectrum Computer Services.

This allows you to effortlessly serve your patients, protect their data, and remain in compliance.


Are you in compliance with the province of Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA)?


 If you are a physician, dentist, pharmacist, chiropractor, doctor or other medical professionals, you should be asking this question.

IT management within the healthcare industry is more than remaining in compliance with legal standards.

Practices are responsible for protecting the most private information of their clients, who also depend on the practice for reliable and trustworthy service.

IT Services and Support for Insurance and Financial Services

Technology has become an extremely important differentiation in the finance and accounting industry.


To attract and keep both clients and talented employees, firms must provide the sophisticated technology that they have come to expect.


Full Spectrum Computer Services understands the unique IT requirements and the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis, including ever-changing regulatory requirements.

IT Services & Support for Financial
Cannabis IT Services and Support Oshawa

IT Services and Support for Dispensaries & Legal Cannabis Industry

Dispensaries are running into a growing number of IT complications, legal issues, and day-to-day snags.


Full Spectrum Computer Services is here to help you jump the newest hurdles and stay in the loop.


Every aspect of your dispensary technology – from workstations to software updates – requires an expert touch.


FSCS will ensure your company performs at peak efficiency through the implementation of cloud solutions, the newest software, dispensary POS, customer loyalty programs, and much more.


When it comes to cannabis support services, we have the expertise you need to thrive in this progressive industry.

IT Services and Support for Law Firms

IT is mission critical to law firms, yet because IT is a cost center and not a revenue generator, investments are limited. Your law firm deserves professional management that will improve business results and profitability.


It is often said that only a fool represents himself in court. The same can be said for IT support. Trust the professionals at Full Spectrum Computer Services to give your law firm the reliability you need at a price you can afford.


A well-managed IT infrastructure becomes invisible when managed properly. Let us take care of the technical details while you focus on winning your cases and advising your clients.

Law Firms IT Services and Support
car dealership IT Support

IT Services and Support for Automotive

At Full Spectrum Computer Services, we offer car dealerships and automotive businesses the tech support they need, when they need it.


Full Spectrum Computer Services specializes in The Reynolds & Reynolds, PBS Systems, CDK DMS and other DMS systems created to ensure a high functioning dealership.


We also specialize in additional services for automotive dealerships, including:

  • Surveillance Camera SystemsBecause dealerships have a high-value inventory and are susceptible to theft, surveillance security systems can be a necessary asset. Monitoring an auto dealership through surveillance cameras can help reduce costs, as these systems prevent theft and avoid costly customer claims of damaged cars.
  • Phone systems and accessibilityMaintaining clear communications and proper customer service can be difficult because of the multifaceted structure at a dealership. A robust phone system ensures all business operations run smoothly. Total Technology Resources offers a robust number of phone system features, including call tracking, reporting, and CRM integration. These features allow dealers to manage customer interaction and increase retention by indicating each type of sale and status.


Full Spectrum Computer Services is a one-stop shop for all auto dealerships looking for technology services for their business. We provide all our customers with the support to keep their software running in optimal condition.

IT Services and Support for Manufacturing

Manufacturers face challenges with maintaining uptime, managing growth and scalability, along with protecting intellectual property and production lines from cyberattacks.


Full Spectrum Computer Services helps manufacturing businesses stay ahead of security threats, supports business continuity, and provides expert insight on implementing the latest technology to maintain your competitive advantage.

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Oshawa retail computer support

IT Services and Support for Retail

Today’s retail and consumer goods companies are challenged to develop deeper customer relationships, enable and empower customers, create exceptional experiences and bring digital into every function of sales, support, merchandising and finance operations.

Intelligent digital operations are critical to success. Organizations need to bring together business process transformation, digital platforms and automation to keep pace with customer demands and market trends. Data, analytics and AI must be used to understand customers and growth opportunities.


Full Spectrum Computer Services partners with retail and consumer goods companies to meaningfully engage and grow customer relationships, sales and revenue. Backed by managed services, we help firms operate cost-effectively and optimize customer experiences.