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Voice, Data, Or Fiber Cabling Services

When you have a project that requires installation for voice, data, or fiber cables, you want to make sure your needs are being fulfilled by an experienced team. At Full Spectrum Computer Services, our Whitby technology team provides professional cabling sales, cabling installations, and services for data networks. We service a wide range of clients, including commercial, manufacturing and health care.

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Cabling Installations You Can Rely On

Large cabling installation projects can take some time to complete, but with Full Spectrum Computer Services, our Whitby structured cabling installation team will work around the clock to ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner. From fiber optic cables to high-speed data systems, our team of network cabling professionals is dedicated to providing the very best products and customer service for our fellow businesses in Whitby.

If You Are Considering Installing Voice, Data, Or Fiber Cabling Installation Services, We Can Provide:

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Not sure what to do with your cables? Ask us for a free consultation to discuss our network cabling installation services in Whitby!

Cabling Installation Whitby

No matter the size of your project, Full Spectrum Computer Services is your one-stop for all of your cabling and technology needs. Since 2013, we have been servicing clients throughout Whitby and Durham Region. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable structured cabling installation team has earned the respect and gratitude of our community.

From installing cables in your existing business or running data wires for a newly built property, our team of technology experts know what it takes to make your project a success. Our Whitby network installation team are always up-to-date on the most recent technology products, which we pass on to our clients, ensuring that they’re expectations are exceeded and they are satisfied.

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From data and fiber cabling to wiring for Wi-Fi, our team of trained and experienced professionals can handle your cabling installation. Our goal is to work with you on your project, ensuring you feel satisfied with the quality of the products and service we provide. When it comes to entrusting your structured cabling installation needs, choose the top Whitby technology partner. We will prove that there is no choice other than Full Spectrum Computer Services.

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5 Benefits of Structured Cabling Services

Starting with an organized, easy to use structured cabling system is one of the most effective ways to make to ensure any changes in the network architecture are performed quickly and easily. A simple to network installation is in most cases an initial one-time investment that pays dividends for years to come. Modern network cabling services will easily support many hardware types and different applications from most vendors. 

Additionally, a properly engineered network installation will require little maintenance, freeing up staff to work on projects and applications while cable installation services are left to the experts at Full Spectrum Computer Services.

A properly engineered and installed standardized structured cabling system is much more flexible than older, multi-vendor environments. Modern cabling solutions can include specialized patch cords, with LED ends for tracing connections to devices such as PCs, fax machines, and communications endpoints. With these available patch cords, it makes network maintenance with modern cabling much easier and efficient.


There are also specialized, lockable power cables available for data centre environments. Another issue that is of growing importance is the migration to Category 6. Network cabling services will support this standard, carrying data at much higher speeds for data, voice and video. With Category 6 you will be future-proofing your wired network. Our cable installation services will prepare your business for years to come.

With modern network management, it is much easier to narrow down and isolate network faults and solve issues with the network. The entire system is separated into manageable blocks. This allows network administrators the flexibility they need to more easily detect faulty systems without causing any interruption to the other devices on the network.


Current network management inherently prevents interruption to other areas of the network while fault isolation is taking place. A lot of technology upgrades and changes have taken place since Category 4 and 5 systems were installed in the first decade of the 21st century. A responsible Network Architect or Manager would do well to take a look at the latest technology in Category 6/Fiber structured cabling systems.

Having a properly designed network installation is one of the most cost-effective decisions and IT team can make for a business. It will make routine moves, adds and changes faster, more efficient and has tangible and intangible benefits.


The increase in productivity, faster rollout of strategic business applications and more efficient troubleshooting capabilities will help any enterprise be more successful. With network cabling services, Full Spectrum Computer Services can help you and your business to reduce network maintenance costs and drive productivity.


With modern cable installation services, what used to be a cumbersome, confusing and in some cases, an ugly eyesore can be transformed into a showcase of organization and a valuable asset. Moves, adds and changes that were once a time consuming and dreaded activity will be quick and easy.


If your business experiences rapid growth and adds applications such as video conferencing, audio-video enhancements or VoIP, it can be simply done with minimal interruptions. Modern network cabling services are, by design, scalable and adaptable to the growing demands of the business. New devices and technologies can be easily and inexpensively added. With modern category 6 and fiber structured cabling systems, a business network is future-proofed from bandwidth concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Structured Cabling is an improvement over Conventional Wiring.

There are several reasons why a structured cabling system is preferred to conventional wiring systems. In a conventionally wired network, you’ll often see tangled wires and cables going from computers to the hubs and then off to a router.

This infrastructure was probably installed over a long-time by several vendors. A structured data cabling strategy takes a logical and longer-term approach. It explores where the cabling is needed and organizes it cleanly and within the network’s routers, switches, and hubs.

This high-level of organization in the cabling means that it will be simpler to install and troubleshoot everything on your network from VoIP phones to company servers and computers.

To avoid future disaster and downtime.

Most businesses have felt the pain of IT failure at one point. No matter the source, preventive disaster control can be achieved with a correctly labeled and organized wiring rack. Cat5 VoIP to giga-bit fiber cables are subject to damage over time. A well-documented clean installation with labeling will get your IT systems back online.

Yes, structured cabling will save money and time in the future.

Structured cabling is the implementation of a precise design for infrastructure cabling system that will support multiple hardware uses and be fitting for today’s requirements and the demands of the future.

With an accurately installed IT system, current and future requirements can accept new hardware that will be required for the future to support growing needs.

Every PC of IT Equipment benefits from structured wiring.

Structured cabling connects devices in an office together within a centralized IT infrastructure. A division of data and equipment into their own discrete sockets makes it easy to streamline your network IT infrastructure.

An example would be running power cables near data cables, which can cause disruptive noise in your system, reducing efficiency.

Structured cabling takes all types of possible issues into creating a robust network infrastructure.

CAT5e supports Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T).

The bandwidth of the CAT5 cable is only 100 MHz, while the bandwidth of a CAT5e cable is 350 MHz With this higher bandwidth that Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) can be carried by CAT5e cables. The CAT5e cable is fully backwards compatible with CAT5 and can be used in any application in which you would normally use CAT5 cable.

Gigabit network speeds up to 328 feet.

Cat 5e has been around for years. It gave the first look at what the One-Gigabit networks as a new opportunity.

The minimum network should be a least a Gigabit CAT5e network. Cat 5e wirers are 24-gauge twisted pair cables, which can provide a Gigabit network speed at distances up to 328 feet.

CAT6A specification has a higher bandwidth and distance.

Cat6a maintains bandwidth frequencies of up to 500 MHz, twice the amount of Cat6 cable, and can also support 10Gbps. Unlike Cat6 cabling, Cat6a can support 10 Gigabit Ethernet at 100 meters.

Voice Over Internet Protocol – Digital Phone

VoIP technology uses analog telephony services to communicate over digital networks.

VoIP is the technology that converts your analog voice into a digital signal stream, allowing calls to be made from any computer with a modem, or data driven devices. Basically, it’s a phone service over the internet. You may also hear it referred to as broadband telephony, broadband phone service, IP telephony, or internet telephony.